Requirements For Customer Self Pick Ups

20% off all items below for pickups only
Must call 512-538-6981 to reserve
What's Required for a Customer Pickup?  
  • We require a 75.00 minimum on all pick orders
  • You must agree to pick up and return all party equipment from our place of business.
  • Agree to do the setup and take down without any of our staff physically assisting you.
  • You must also agree to sign a waiver of liability
  • Bring a valid drivers license and leave a credit card on file
 If you have never setup up an inflatable before don't be concerned. We will give detailed directions so you can successfully set up the rentals without any issue. 
What are the Benefits of Self Pickups?  
  • You will have the rentals for a much longer period of time for 20% less of the traditional 6 hr rental.
  • Some of our customers live outside our delivery area
  • Only want a few small items that are under our 149.00 minimum or delivers.
  • Most like the option of picking up so they can take advantage of the discounting
  • Important Rules for self pick-up & returns
Friday pick up any Time Between 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm & Must Return Sunday Before 12 pm: Sunday pick up any Time Between 7:30 am - 9:30 am & Must Return Monday Before Between 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
If returned late, there will be a $50 hr fee for each hr passed the 12 pm.  
Absolutely no excuse will be taken into consideration.  
If for any reason we have to pick up the unit you will be charged 150.00 plus a 1.00 a mile to and back from your location.  
We all have family and places to be and you being late can make another's event late. Employees cost money if you can't commit then book the traditional delivery.  When you reserve a pick up you can not opt into a delivery later or a pickup if you change your mind. There are no refunds of any kind for pickups and only rainchecks will be given if it's due to weather. Rain checks will not be issued due to you wanting to change the dates. 
Things You Need for Self Pick UP  
  • No other vehicles other than a truck will be permitted for pickups. Unless you have a trailer
  • Make sure the bed of your truck is clean of oil and sharp objects
  • No truck bed covers will be permitted for pick self-pick ups
  • Bring your own help to self-load party rentals
  • If renting a bounce house you must bring your own dolly
  • Bring a valid Texas driver licenses 
  • Bring exact change only 
  • Below are the only rentals we allow for customer picks up at this time. Must Call to reserve
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Sorry, this item is not available either because the particular order options (customer pickup) are not available for this item or because the date and/or time you have seleted are not available. If you have any questions, please call our office at (512) 294-2221... 

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