Party Planning with Inflatable Rentals

Party Planning with Inflatable Rentals
Planning to have a big inflatable for your child's next event? For a lot of us, event planning can seem like a challenge - especially true if you're not a seasoned pro. It doesn't have to be, though! With the right can-do attitude and a little organization, party planning is a breeze.

Let's consider your planning a kid's birthday party. Will you have the right tables and chairs? How about the best bounce house Austin has to offer? Sometimes keeping things simple can go a long way for true party fun. You'll want to get the kids involved in the planning process, too! The anticipation adds up for a lot of fun before the party date even comes around. Shopping and cake decorations are great opportunities to spend time with your young ones, and to bond over decision-making. It's also a chance to incorporate budget planning, depending upon their age.

Taking the "longview" is a great strategy to plan the best events. It gives you time to make decisions about every aspect of the party.

Take a look at the timeline below, to give you an idea of how the right kind of organization can make planning a breeze!

Getting Ready to Party with inflatable rentals


This is when you'll start putting together a few ideas about the party. How many guests will be invited? You'll want to confirm the date with any other essential organizers or VIP guests. If the party's going to be in a rented or scheduled location, this is when you'll want to get rates and secure any necessary reservation. Consider a water slide or bounce house! This is a great time to check with local providers and secure the right inflatable for your party.


Firm up that invite list! Mail out invitations - a great opportunity to spend time with your young one. While doing so, discuss which games and snacks might be best for the party. Consider seating? will you need to rent tables and chairs? You'll want to make sure everyone has a place to rest or enjoy snacks.


Start keeping an eye out for bargain-priced and on-sale party supplies, like paper plates and decorations. On a budget? Get into the crafting spirit with handmade decor and party accents.


Still keeping an eye out for deals on decorations? Don't forget snacks! Stock up to make sure you'll have plenty for friends and family. Plan out your itinerary and make sure you're keeping in mind enough time for each fun activity. You might want to reach out to anyone who hasn't replied to your invitations.


Time to go over your plans - is everything in place? Are all reservations taken care of, and do you have everything partygoers will want and expect? Hit the kitchen - it's time to make a cake and some complementary cupcakes!

VIPs and Other Guests


You'll want to make sure that important guests - for example, your child's best friends - are all clear on the date. No one wants to miss out on the fun! Which brings up another great point: if including friends from school, consider that feelings get hurt if someone is overlooked. Many great parties will invite an entire group, rather than just a handful of close friends. Keep this in mind when deciding which water slide or bounce house inflatable may be best for your unique party.


Don't fret or lose sleep over your invite list. Keep it appropriate for the space you've got to work with, and remember that games or other activities will sometimes dictate the ideal number of party guests. Did you get enough tables and chairs rented? Make sure the right size inflatable is reserved for your group!

Getting the Word Out

You'll want to make sure that paper invitations are mailed out with plenty of time for guests to review calendars and work around other commitments, like soccer games or church activities. Many parents will prefer getting the word out via Facebook or other computer apps. You'll know which is best! Remember that schools usually have policies in place regarding the distribution of party invites on school grounds.

Regardless of how you get the word out, there are some essential details you'll need to include: date, location, times for drop-off and pickup, and contact information. Most parents will find it extremely helpful if you're able to include information about the inflatable theme, or planned activities.

Party Helpers

You can't do it all - so do yourself a favor and make plans now to have an assistant on hand. There's a lot of activity going on, and you'll want to make sure nothing happens unsupervised! Fellow parents or older children are great places to start.

Location, Location, Location

Oh yeah, it's crucial! Whether planning for the party to take place in your personal backyard or a rented event space, you'll want to make sure the appropriate location is secured. Will there be enough room for everyone? What about activity areas? Bonus if a trained staff is on-site to help manage all the busy partygoers.

Home Sweet Home

Obviously, this can be your most budget-friendly choice. You'll be able to set up plenty of the decorations and accessories with time to spare, and at your own pace. You'll also have the freedom to put off immediate cleanup. You may already have enough seating around the house, and not have to worry about chair rental. Inflatable units can be used indoors or outdoors, and vary in size.

Party in the Park

Check with city or other civic websites for information about parties in a park or other popular public space. Outdoors can be a great place, if the weather and season are right! The off-site scenery might be a great excuse for some photo op moments, too. Water slides and bounce house rentals work great in many environments like this.

Other Public Spaces

Consider asking about hosting your event at a church or community center. Are you a member at the local YMCA? Planning is everything when you look to using someone else's space, so that's why we stress making this decision as early as possible. Portable decorations will help with speedy setup and breakdown, and you'll want to be especially careful of damage or wear-and-tear. Many rental spaces will hold users financially liable for any messes not cleaned up in time. You'll also want to make sure they're ready for your inflatable rental!

Party Time!


The right timing can make or break any event. Since we're looking at a party for young children, remember that this can be especially important. Afternoon party scheduling is your best bet for little partygoers. Inflatable water slide and bounce house setup is a breeze with the right team, so you can be sure that guests are ready for fun from the moment they arrive until it's time to go.


Age will be a factor when determining the best party length at your event. Sometimes just an hour or so is sufficient - so budget the time and plan your itinerary appropriately.

Now, Who's Hungry?

Picking up a cake and snacks from the bakery or grocery? Or have you decided to put on the kitchen apron and whip up a few treats, yourself? It's up to you, and entirely depends on your budget, free time - and knack for baking.

Some great snack ideas are mini pizzas, potato chips, snack crackers, and ice cream. Don't forget the sprinkles! If your budget-minded shopping trips resulted in some great serveware, now's the time for it to shine! Just don't get lost in the details - and keep in mind that kids tend to overlook many of the small things that adults can stress over. Tables are important, here - everyone's going to need an ideal spot to snack, so make sure you have the best table rentals ready.

Something for the Guests

The time-honored tradition of a small treat or favor bag for guests is an easy one to roll with. Small books or toys that complement the event's theme will go a long way in sharing the memories from your fun day. Budget savvy parents will sometimes plan for an activity station, and - bonus! - that allows kids to make their own unique party souvenirs. Inspiring creativity in little ones is always important, and it's never a bad idea.

Activity Time

Remember - you've only got so much time for the party, from start to finish. You'll need to plan for setup, arrival, activities, goodbyes, and cleanup.

Activity time is a crucial point here.

Plan out how much time will be spent by attendees and budget wisely! If you get off-track and run ahead of time or lose track, it can impact other planned activities. Don't rush, and don't overload your party with so many things to do that guests won't be able to enjoy everything at a casual pace.

Bring in the Party Rental Pros

Others in your community or friends circle will no doubt have a lot of suggestions for pro help, should you decide to hire entertainment. Maybe a kid's song musician would be the right fit? How about a magician? Age can be an important factor. Getting the right type of entertainer lined up is also a great way to fit your event's theme. How about getting someone to bring a show-and-tell pet? Clowns and balloon artists are also popular go-to "gets" Face-painting artists are another great idea.

Water slides and bounce houses make great party accents - or can be the centerpiece and main attraction! There's a reason inflatables are considered party classics and in such demand.

Time to Play

Fun, interactive play is the whole reason we're having this party in the first place, right? You bet! Your special little one and friends will no doubt have a lot of ideas about which games will be the most fun, and getting ready is another great opportunity to work together.


So many classic games really never go out of style. How about a game of tag? Princess or superhero theme parties can benefit from a slight name change or the addition of minor props to freshen up the concepts and make them unique for the party.


Cool off in the summer sun with a classic water slide. These units come in a wide variety of customizable options, and there's always one ready that suits your event.


Map-making and reading skills meet analytical decision-making and team building if you incorporate a treasure hunt. Keep age in mind and plan so that all guests will be able to join in on the fun.


Set up a unique obstacle course with themed accents or whatever else might be handy - and encourage the kids to make it a relay race for interactive fun.


Pass or toss an egg over netting or in a race to see who drops it first. Pro tip - make sure the eggs are hard-boiled, or else you'll have an unfortunate mess to clean up!


Inflatable bounce house units are ready for safe, active play by nature. They're vibrant and can fit just about any event or party space. Talk about bringing on the fun!


Grab a few bags of clothing and outfits from your local thrift store, and inspire everyone to dress up! See who can put together the most creative and outlandish outfits, for a party prize!


Two shopping bags of clothes contain a skirt, shirt, hat, gloves, and jewelry. The first kid in each team puts on every item (fastening all the buttons), then takes them off and returns them to the bag. Then it's the next child's turn. The first team to finish wins.

How About Gifts

The question of party gifts is one that parents worry about quite frequently. Most of the time, you can include information in the event's invitation regarding gifts. Are they welcome at all? Or, you may request that any gifts are below an appropriate dollar amount. If gifts are encouraged, you may have to play it by ear. Is there enough space for everyone to enjoy watching the party host open presents? Is there room for the mess that sometimes goes hand-in-hand with frantic unwrapping? Perhaps not all guests were able to bring a present. If that's the case, it's a good idea to open gifts later. Be sure to teach your child the importance of thanking a gift-giver.

Thanks for Coming!

Another great benefit of planning the Inflatable rental party with your young one is the opportunity to teach them etiquette and manners. Stress the importance of personal greetings and a polite "thank you for being here" when it's time to say goodbye.
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