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Mechanical Bull Rentals In Austin, TX

Austin Mechanical bull rentals is a great hit for any adventure seeking party goer, but be careful because just like the old Texas saying "if you mess with the bull expect to get the horns" with that being said don't worry about our bull's horns unless you have a fear of foam, fun and vinly, here at Sandi's Moonwalks we take your safety very seriously and that's why we only buy our bulls from the top manufacturers in the country. We also train out  to staff follow all the best practices when it comes to using one of our bull rentals at your next big event.

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  Mechanical Bull Rentals
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What Features Does your Mechanical Bull Austin Offer?

Our mechanical rodeo bull features glowing red eyes and an authinic cow hide. The head is made out an extremey soft foam that is built around the rider's saftey in mine. Our bull rental comes with the modes so children and even the most daring of adults can have a changellange that ecery one can kick back in enjoy. 

What is The Cost to Rent One of Your Mechanical Bull Rentals? 

We currently offer two bull rental pricing options below:

We require a 2 hr base price and charge 125 for every after (based price is depends on the location and distance) Please call for more details. Pay for play- This is great option if you plan on have a event with a sizable group of 1000 or more. This is where we charge the attendees of the event instead of the planner paying in full we charge your customer for ever ride they wish to  take.

One twist of a nob and you have adjustable mechanical bull rides with multiple levels for riders of all ages

Easy  ( 7-12 ) Medium (10 - 14) Advance (14 and up) Cowboy up - All depends on your level of athletism. Each one of our bull rentals come with a one attendant / operator. 

Power requirements for mechincal bull rentals

110 -240 volts that requires 10-16 amps (we reuire two outlets within 100 ft of the set up area) For out door events with out electricity you also have the option to rent one our genrators for a small fee.

What is the set up area for your mechanical Bull? 

16 x 16 for the infltable air matress height from floor once the inflatble air matress is bwon up to the bull's back stands 6 ft tall.

Does your mechanical bull have weight limits?

Yes - 275 lbs

What is your mechanical bull delivery area?

We maily cover the entire Greater Austin Metro, but we are willing to travel even further depending of the deatils of the event to see our recently updated service area, please visit our delivery area page. If you are need of any other mechincal rentals or bounce house rentals please give us a call shop around our site.

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