6 Tips to Stay Under Budget Renting Bounce Houses

Tips to Stay Under Budget Renting Bounce Houses
Sandi's Moonwalks often provides inflatable rentals to families with multiple children - this means they're planning backyard parties with a budget in mind, first and foremost. Count on our professional and experienced staff to help guide your rental decisions, ensuring a great kids birthday party on even the smallest of budgets.

Step 1. Plan Ahead For Your Bounce House Rental
Give yourself time to plan - we recommend at least a month for the best results! This allows just enough time to hunt for deals on party accessories like cups, food, drinks, and presents. Don't worry about getting everything figured out from the get-go. Give yourself time to consider all the possibilities, and visit local stores to find the best prices on some of the most basic necessities. It's a great idea to move ahead, one step at a time!

Step 2. Get Organized Quickly
Make sure you have a small note pad (or digital notebook) handy, to jot down and capture ideas when they pop into your head. The important stuff will include guest list, overall budget (and that for each party component), entertainment options for guests, and anything else you might realize is important.

And we mean everything. Don't forget the ice! Even small details can make all the difference if overlooked and not planned-for accordingly. Magazines and local newspaper will be a great resource for coupon clipping and early bird notice of sales coming up! When you save a few bucks here and there, it can open the door for more possibilities for other party components.

Step 3. Don't Get Carried Away - Let a Bounce House Do the Work
Many parents spend a great deal of time and energy researching and planning for a party with inflatable rentals that has a specific theme - that's fine, but it can result in wasted energy and neglect of other, more important party parts. You can still have an awesome theme birthday party without stressing about a theme. Bounce houses with unique themes are a great way to cut to the chase. That's why we suggest you check out our bounce house catagory. Once you book your inflatable bounce house get right back to the game plan and stick with the basics for balloons, plates, and cups. Trust us - kids care more about having fun with their friends than unnecessary accessory decorations.

Step 4. Schedule Bounce House Rental with Time in Mind
When's the best time for a bounce house rental or inflatable at your event? Here's another great example of our experience and expertise coming in handy. We recommend scheduling your party between 2pm-5pm. Why? Well, one reason is cause it only holds you responsible for providing snacks. At these hours, most parents only want their children to enjoy small, inexpensive snacks. Tip: buy cheaper chips and dish 'em in a bowl before guests arrive - they'll never know the difference!

Step 5. Fun Inflatable Rentals Do All the Heavy Lifting
Weather can be your best friend when it comes to outdoor party fun - or it can ruin an event quickly. Plan as best you can for temperature and precipitation. Sun's out? Hard to go wrong with an inflatable water slide combo. Or, if your guests might prefer to stay dry, all slide units can be utilized on their own, without water.

Step 6. Bring a Great Attitude and Be Prepared
Our grandmother used to always tell us, "nobody will care about messed-up hair when you wear a smile!" And it's true! Of course, we go a step further to make sure our staff is professional and arrive with an appearance that puts your mind at ease. That allows you to party without worry! Act comfortable, smile, and remember that we're all here for a great party. Don't stress too much, and keep time on your side. And never lose sight of the most important thing: celebrating your child's special day.
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